KRQE: Filmmaker casting Tara Calico role in possible upcoming docuseries

BELEN, N.M. (KRQE) - The unsolved disappearance of Tara Calico could be getting a new set of eyes -- millions of them -- as one of her classmates continues her mission to solve the case.

The 19-year-old went missing 30 years ago in Valencia County.

Calico's classmate and filmmaker Melinda Esquibel started a podcast more than a year ago called Vanished: The Tara Calico Investigation.

"I knew that it would engage listeners and make them feel like they're part of her story and feel invested in her case," Esquibel said. 

The podcast breaks down the entire case file in hopes that it would generate new tips and leads. While Esquibel said that has happened, it's also put Calico's story back in the headlines.

In June, People Magazine highlighted the case. That alone garnered even more attention that had Esquibel revisiting the idea of shooting a documentary series about Calico's disappearance.

"I had started shooting it in 2010 and there were a number of threats against my life," she said.  

So she moved out of state and laid low until lately.

"We've had a lot of interest from different production companies in Los Angeles and New York," Esquibel said. 

For Esquibel, it's taken a lot of hard work, tears and patience to get to this point.

"We're casting for some individuals, some actors and actresses to play several different roles and one of those roles will be Tara," she said.

Working with other filmmakers in the state, Esquibel said she has no plans of slowing down now.

According to Esquibel, the plan is to first shoot a trailer for the docuseries and send that off to interested production companies before moving forward.

The goal is to have the trailer shot by the end of the month, so they're looking to fill those roles within the next two weeks.

For casting opportunities, email or visit her website for more information.